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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I was just thinking how much easier things are now in photography. The manual for my good old Nikon F-Photomic was a grand total of 43 pages and you could spend an interesting few minutes reading through it. The manual for my Nikon D7000 is 325 pages and, even though I've been using the camera for several months now, I still haven't read all the way through it!
The cameras most of us are using now are more like a computer with a lens attached and now, instead of spending hours in the darkroom you can spend just minutes in Lightroom. No more smelly, messy chemicals and you can keep track of what's going on around you a lot easier. I don't miss that trade off in the least.
I can think of almost nothing I can't do with my present setup. If I can conceive a shot, I can do it. Current cameras have far more onboard storage than my first 2 PC's had and can handle almost any situation without breaking a sweat.
While I do sometimes look back to the days of film with a bit of nostalgia, I don't even begin to have any thoughts of reverting back to the days of film and processing
How about you? 

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