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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

In Search Of Mattie Blaylock (Earp)

In August of 2014 I discovered the ruins of Pinal City and the Silver King Mine. It was then I learned that the Pinal City cemetery was the final resting place for Celia Blaylock aka Mattie Earp, Wyatt's common law wife, who he left for an entertainer shortly after they left Tombstone, AZ.
I decided to set out to find her gravesite. Turned out to be easier said then done, as the Pinal City cemetery wasn't in the immediate town boundaries, but on the opposite, north side of what is now U.S.60, 
Pinal City Wagon Tracks
Silver King Mine Ruins

This cemetery was down the old Silver King Mine Road to Happy Camp Road and there were no markings at all to direct you to the site. A few days later I tried using GPS coordinates to find my way and they took me to nowhere fast. I then returned home and found detailed driving instructions by odometer readings and finally got there! Third try was the charm!

Mattie's plaque states she committed suicide, but she was a know heavy drinker and user of the narcotic laudanum and baring someone coming up with a suicide note, I'm somewhat 
dubious that it wasn't an accidental overdose.

There are numerous graves there, most of which date back to the 1800's with the latest appearing to be around 1926. Several would appear to be children. Most are in deteriorated condition.

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